• QueryIO Change Log

  • Major changes from QueryIO v5.0 to QueryIO v5.1:
    1. 1. Upgraded log4j2 to 2.17.0 which included fixes for: CVE-2021-45046, CVE-2021-45105.
    2. 2. Fixed the bug that causes the Host IP address in some Linux distribution (ex: Ubuntu) to have 'inet ' prefix.
    3. 3. Fixed issue in reading configurations from qio-setup.properties when plain 'sh' shell is used in Linux.
    4. 4. Added support for Mac OS 10.13, Mac OS 10.14, Mac OS 10.15, Mac OS 11, Ubuntu 18.04, and Fedora 33.

  • Major changes from QueryIO v4.5 to QueryIO v5.0:
    1. 1. Upgraded to Hadoop 2.7.3.
    2. 2. Upgraded to Hive 2.1.1.
    3. 3. Upgraded to Birt 4.4.0.
    4. 4. Upgraded to Tika 1.14.
    5. 5. Added support for Mac OS 10.12 (macOS Seirra).
    6. 6. Created separate views for Admin and User Operations.
    7. 7. Updated UI to become more interactive and intuitive.
    8. 8. Fixed known issue with remote cluster set up via QueryIO.
    9. 9. Fixed known issue with data parsing and feeding data to hive.
    10. 10. Fixed known issue in data encryption while importing it to QueryIO.
    11. 11. Fixed most known bugs.

  • Major changes from QueryIO v4.0 to QueryIO v4.5:
    1. 1. Upgraded to Hadoop 2.7.1.
    2. 2. Upgraded to Hive 1.2.1.
    3. 3. Added support for Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan).
    4. 4. Fixed known issues with report engine and integrated support to directly query hive through JDBC driver..
    5. 5. Optimized UI to for faster navigation and content search.
    6. 6. Added support for Pagination across different views wherever applicable.
    7. 7. Optimized MapReduce jobs for faster data processing.
    8. 8. Provided additional option to process data at record level for data tagging.
    9. 9. Optimized processing engine to have single MR job create multiple data tags in parallel.
    10. 10. Added support to start/stop cluster with single click.
    11. 11. Provided support to create a new hive DDL through QueryIO REST apis.
    12. 12. Fixed most known bugs.

  • Major changes from QueryIO v3.6 to QueryIO v4.0:
    1. 1. Upgraded to Hadoop 2.7.0.
    2. 2. Upgraded to Hive 1.2.0.
    3. 3. Switched DB from postgres to HSQL.
    4. 4. Updated JRE to 1.7.
    5. 5. Updated tomcat to 7.0.62.
    6. 6. Fixed most known bugs.
    7. 7. Authorisation using hadoop.
    8. 8. Added support for Mac OS X 10.10.3.
    9. 9. Added support to filter files using regex while executing hive queries.

  • Major changes from QueryIO v 3.5 to QueryIO v 3.6:
    1. 1. Upgraded to Hadoop 2.4.0.
    2. 2. Upgraded to Hive 0.13.0
    3. 3. Fixed most known bugs.

  • Major changes from QueryIO v 3.0 to QueryIO v 3.5:
    1. 1. Upgraded to Hadoop 2.2.0
    2. 2. Upgraded to Hive 0.12.0
    3. 3. Fixed most known bugs.

  • Major changes from QueryIO v 2.5 to QueryIO v 3.0:
    1. 1. Upgraded to Hadoop 2.0.4-alpha
    2. 2. Upgraded to Hive 0.11.0
    3. 3. Upgrading from QueryIO v 2.5 (Hadoop 2.0.3-alpha) to QueryIO v 3.0 (Hadoop 2.0.4-alpha) supported.
    4. 4. Fixed most known bugs.

  • Major changes from QueryIO v 2.0 to QueryIO v 2.5:
    1. 1. Data Tagging feature which provides users an extensive Data Intelligence framework enabling users to create data tags in MetaStore DB for files on HDFS cluster. Both On-Ingest and Post-Ingest processing is supported.
    2. 2. Enhanced Hive to support recursive processing of folders / files.
    3. 3. Enhanced Hive to understand file path filter patterns, restricting the processing of files to just user defined file path pattern.
    4. 4. Support to extract FilePath as well during Hive Queries.
    5. 5. Support for Input Path Filter while executing Hive Queries. This has an advantage where you can use Hive to process just subset of files based on query results from MetaStore.
    6. 6. Support for MySQL database along with PostgreSQL out of the box.
    7. 7. Implemented Generic framework to enable user to configure other databases to use with QueryIO.
    8. 8. Separation of result set from Report Viewer, enabling analysis of same query results with Spreadsheet and other report formats like html, pdf and xls.
    9. 9. Support for cluster setup during installation and fixing other know issues with the installer.
    10. 10. Support for local cluster installation for evaluation users. Local cluster installation now supports which allows the cluster to work fine even when the IP address of the installation machine changes. This makes evaluation process easier for users connecting to networks allocating dynamic IP addresses, or for users connecting to different networks at home and office.
    11. 11. Support for upgrading from one version of QueryIO to another. This enables user to persist all his data on cluster / user reports / queries / cluster configurations etc. created in older installation.
    12. 12. Fixed all known issues with uninstall process where QueryIO takes care of uninstalling all the services cleanly along with Remote cluster uninstallation. It also now supports persisting user's cluster data and reports.
    13. 13. Fixed most known bugs

  • Major changes from QueryIO v 1.0 to QueryIO v 2.0:
    1. 1. Upgraded to Hadoop 2.0.3-alpha.
    2. 2. Added support for automated cluster setup on single / multiple hosts.
    3. 3. Added support for data import / export to external data sources like HDFS, POP / IMAP, HTTP/HTTPS, SSH, SFTP, Amazon etc.
    4. 4. Added support for Ad hoc analysis of different file formats like machine generated logs, CSV / TSV, Apache server logs, IIS logs, XML, mbox, key value pairs, JSON, regex patterns etc.
    5. 5. Added support for spreadsheet viewer to process and further analyze the query results.
    6. 6. Drastically improved the performance of different modules in the system.
    7. 7. Enhanced report designing capabilities drastically.
    8. 8. Improved charting library module drastically.
    9. 9. Added support to preview the report design before execution.
    10. 10. Added support to print / email reports.
    11. 11. Added support for configuration of Journal nodes for HDFS HA for NameNode.
    12. 12. Added Disaster Recovery module to backup and restore NameNode's FSImage using Metadata stored in RDBMS.
    13. 13. Added automated diagnosis and repair feature to keep the metadata stored in RDBMS in synch with NameNode's FSImage.
    14. 14. Added support to save / configure data source connections used during import / export.
    15. 15. Completely restructured the menus for better navigation experience.
    16. 16. Fixed most known bugs.

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