• Key Features

    • Hadoop SQLHadoop SQL : Standard SQL interface for hadoop big data querying and analysis

      • It provides a framework which allows you to perform standard SQL queries on your structured and unstructured Big Data. It also provides an easy to use interface through which you can generate SQL queries and design reports to represent your processed big data.
    • Data Tagging and MetaData ExtensionData Tagging and MetaData extension

      • QueryIO provides advanced manual and automated data tagging feature which allows you to define properties for files as they are being written to HDFS. It automatically stores the basic MetaData files stored in HDFS and further extends the MetaData layer by enabling you to define additional MetaData. It understands dozens of file formats such as pdf/xls/doc file formats, image files, audio and video files, etc.
    • Hadoop Cluster ManagementWeb-based cluster management

      • It provides an easy-to-use Web-based user interface for Hadoop cluster management
    • Hadoop Cluster Monitoring FeaturesComprehensive monitoring, including rules, alerts, etc.

      • QueryIO's management features make it easy to perform operations like applying rules, alerts, balancer, health checks etc. on the nodes running in your cluster.
    • Big Data ServicesValue added services such as S3-compatible REST API, FTP interface, etc.

      • It support various interfaces to store and process your Big Data. Import and export from/to Amazon S3 with the click of a button. Import/export from an FTP server
        or a local file system. Encrypt and compress your big data on a per file or global file system basis. Use QueryIO's store as an Amazon S3 end-point using our
        Amazon S3 compatible REST API.

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