• Demos & Samples

    QueryIO is a solution for Hadoop Analytics and ships with a number of sample applications and sample data to expedite the learning and evaluation process. These apps and data can be used to explore major features of QueryIO.

    Following sample apps and data are included for various features :

  • Sample DataData.zip : It contains sample files which can be uploaded to QueryIO server.
  • Hadoop Data TaggingOnIngest.jar and PostInsgest.jar : For data tagging and MetaData extension.
  • Sample MapReduce JobLogParserMRJob.jar : A sample MapReduce job for "log" files.
  • AdHoc JobCSVAdHocJob.jar : For AdHoc querying data.
  • Sample Big Data ProcessingTestClients.zip : It contains all the sample programs for data processing in various APIs supported by QueryIO.
  • Testing with Real Data
  • Big Data ParserNCDC weather data parser: A AdHoc mapreduce job to parse the weather data accumulated by NCDC.
  • Wiki ParserWikipedia xml database dump parser: A On Ingest data tagger to parse wikipedia database.
  • Learn how to use these sample apps and data.
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