Hadoop Big Data Analytics Architecture

  • Hadoop Big Data Analytics

    QueryIO is a Hadoop-based SQL and Big Data Analytics Solution, used to store and analyze vast amounts of structured and unstructured big data. It is especially well suited to enable users to process unstructured big data, give it a structure and support analysis of this big data using standard SQL.

    It enables you to leverage the vast and mature infrastructure built around SQL and relational databases and utilize it for your Big Data Analytics needs.

    Build on Hadoop's scalability and reliability, it makes it easy to scale to hundreds of Compute+Store cluster nodes and petabytes of data in an easy and logical manner. It enhances basic Hadoop to provide a comprehensive Big Data Analytics solution. Major components:

  • Distributed Storage and ComputingHadoop - Distributed Storage and Computing

    It is built on the Hadoop distributed computing platform. Hadoop is a robust and scalable platform used by major companies such as Yahoo, Facebook and eBay. Hadoop uses clusters of commodity Compute+Storage machines to provide virtually linear scalability.

  • Data Tagging and MetaDataData Tagging and MetaData Extension

    QueryIO provides a framework to build a structure around unstructured Big Data.

  • Big Data and SQLStandard SQL-based Big Data querying, analysis and visualization

    Once the structure is assembled, you can query your Big Data using standard SQL syntax and tools. Leverage tools and skills your organization already has to query, analyze and visualize your Big Data.

  • Monitoring and ManagementWeb-based cluster monitoring and management

    Manage your Hadoop cluster via a Web-based interface. Define hosts, services, perform maintenance, etc. with click of few buttons. Experience peace of mind and confidence with our comprehensive monitoring at every level (disk, machine, services, JVM, etc.)

  • QueryIO ServicesData Integration

    Import/export big data from Amazon S3, any FTP source or from your local file system. Leverage our value-added services such as data encryption and compression on per file or system-wide basis. Use user-based authentication or Kerberos based authentication.

  • QueryIO InterfacesClient interfaces

    We provide a comprehensive set of client interface to integrate seamlessly with your infrastructure. Use our S3-compatible REST API to port your application from S3 to your QueryIO storage. Or use standard REST API to integrate your application.

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