Querying Data: Analytics

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QueryIO supports on the fly metadata extraction from the files written onto the cluster. By default, the metadata for unregistered file types is saved in HDFS-METADATA table in the database. Query builder can be used to query the information extracted from the files.

Query Manager

All the saved queries can be viewed under Query manager. You can load previously saved queries by clicking on respective query ids.

Various actions can be performed on Hadoop SQL Queries:

Query Designer

Query designer is composed of two modules:

Query Builder allows us to define grouping, sorting and constructing criteria in a simple and direct way. It also allows you to save queries and use them again later.

Query builder is basically used to filter out the files available on the cluster. Files can be filtered on the basis of file types(table name).

Using report builder interface of QueryIO designer, you can build reports to format the result of queries.

Query Builder

Report Builder

Using report builder interface of QueryIO, you can build reports to present the contents of the queries that you can perform using the query builder interface.

Report builder comprises of three modules:

This tutorial will show you how easily you can build reports using QueryIO.

To build reports, go to Analytics > Query Designer.

Create new query using Query Builder view or load existing query using Query Manager page.

Following are the steps to build customized reports:

Report Designer


Report Header

The Report Header section generally contains the report title and other information you want to appear only at the beginning of the report. Charts in this section contain data for the entire report.

Group Header

It contains the part of the message used to indicate the start of a functional group of documents. Group Headers are useful and often necessary to make your report data clear and easily understood.

Column Header

The column header is the colored row of letters used to identify each column within the table. The column header row is located above the row one.

Column Details

Column details refer to the contents of the columns of non header rows in the table.

Group Footer

It contains the part of the message used to indicate the end of a functional group of documents. Group Footers are useful and often necessary to make your report data clear and easily understood.

Report Footer

Chart Designer


Add Chart

Clone Chart

Delete Chart

Chart Preferences

QueryIO provides you highly customized your charts and make them the way you want them to look. This feature drastically improves overall report.

Chart Preference UI is divided into three sections :

Chart Preferences include following configurable property categories

Note : For global chart preferences, all categories are shown and preview contains pie chart and line chart. For individual chart preferences, categories not applicable on respective chart are not displayed and preview contains selected chart type.

Report Preview


Here you can see the preview of the report that will be generated with the current configuration.

Query Viewer

Query Viewer is used to display the result of the query. All View query requests from Query manager and designer are displayed in Query viewer. Hadoop SQL queries can be executed through viewer also.

Print / Export / Email Report

Click on View to view generated report. Once the report is generated, it can be printed, exported to local system and can be mailed to registered users of QueryIO.

SpeadSheet Viewer

QueryIO provides support for spreadsheet viewer to process and further analyze the query results. Spreadsheet viewer provides a excel like spreadsheet with all the layers of business intelligence.

Result of all the queries executed can be viewed in SpreadSheet Viewer for further processing.

Spreadsheet viewer allows sheet creation, viewing, and editing processes. It also supports Undo & redo, Merge-able cells, Easy creation of custom formula functions and variables, full screen mode for better viewing, printing reports and many more features.

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