Querying Hive

QueryIO provides extensive Web-based UI to drive MapReduce jobs via SQL employing Hive. You can configure a Hive query through "Query Designer". Select Hive database, select the configured Hive Data Definition and construct your query through these smooth UI components.

In Query Designer module there are few additional components involved in case of a Hive query:

To continue our previous example, lets create a query that shows all entries in our csv files having IP like '' and CPU greater than 98.

The query runs a Mapreduce job to fetch results as shown below.

Querying Data Tags

The benefit of associating Data Tags with a file is that you can query your files considering attributes specific to the file type. For example you can query a document based upon its Author or Title or some image file based upon its PixelAspectRatio or Dimensions.

QueryIO provides "Query Designer", which is an effortless UI module, to construct your SQL queries. To query Data Tags select Metastore database, select your file specific table and construct your query through these smooth UI components.

For our example, we are going to query datatags_pdf table for pdf files authored by 'Sandeep'.

QueryIO runs this SQL query to fetch results as shown below.


To extend our example, this is the result for query on table "datatags_csv" where we have added a Custom Data Tag "MyTag".


The graph below shows the Tag Value, as "Average of CPU for", on Y-axis and individual File Path on X-axis.

NM-add3 NM-add3

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