YARN ResourceManager

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This chapter explains about ResourceManager and its related features

What is ResourceManager

Hadoop MapReduce is a YARN-based system for parallel processing of large data sets.

A ResourceManager (RM) manages the global assignment of computing resources to applications. The ResourceManager is the ultimate authority that arbitrates resources among all the applications in the system. All MapReduce applications are submitted to ResourceManager. The ResourceManager is the sole authority to allocate any container to applications. The allocated Container is always on a single node and has a unique ContainerID. It has a specific amount of Resource allocated.


ResourceManager Details

Following details about ResourceManager are displayed.

Status Summary

ResourceManager Summary

Add ResourceManager

To add a new ResourceManager, click on Add button on ResourceManager page.

Enter following ResourceManager details.

Configure ResourceManager

To configure the properties of ResourceManager, select the checkbox against target ResourceManager and click Configure. All configurable properties of ResourceManager will be displayed.
Update the properties and click on save for changes to take effect.

Start, Stop, Delete ResourceManager

Select the ResourceManager and click on Start, Stop or Delete to perform respective function.

Start/Stop Monitoring

JMX monitoring takes place which checks ResourceManager's status, Submitted, Pending and Completed applications, Containers Running, Memory Allocated, Memory Available, Memory Reserved, Memory Pending, Active Nodes, Decommissioned Nodes, Lost Nodes, Unhealthy Nodes and Rebooted Nodes. To start or stop ResourceManager Monitoring, select the check box against the node and click on Start Monitoring or Stop Monitoring button respectively.

ResourceManager Summary

ResourceManager summary contains:


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