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A user is a human agent (end-user) who uses QueryIO services.
There are two types of users in QueryIO:

User Management View

To manage users, go to Admin > Users & Groups tab.

The view displays all the details of the registered groups and users. QueryIO provides you to edit details of registered user, delete users, manage users in different groups or add new users and groups.

Details displayed include:


Add new User

To add new user to QueryIO, click on Add button.

NOTE: QueryIO Group is the super group. Users belonging to this group have access to all files.

Add new Group

To add new user group to QueryIO, click on Add action on Groups section.

Edit User Details

To edit the details of a registered user, select the check box against user and click on Edit.

NOTE: You can not edit other users information or you must be Admin user to perform this operation.

Delete User

To delete a user, select the check box against target user and click on Delete button.

More than one user can be deleted at a time.

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