Manage Databases

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This chapter explains various features of QueryIO related to databases.

QueryIO Database

In QueryIO, you can configure multiple databases to use Hadoop SQL module.

DB Connections view shows default databases:

Database Manager View

Database Configuration

Displays connection details for selected database. Here, you can update the connection properties for selected database.

Database Schema

Schema of selected database is displayed here. All tables and their respective schema can be viewed. It also provide feature to delete or clear selected table.

Following details are displayed:

Add Database

If at any point of time you choose to use your custom database for Hadoop SQL module or if you want to use Hadoop SQL feature with new NameNode, then you would need to add a new database configuration.

Use following guidelines to add a new database to QueryIO

NOTE: Before a new database is added to QueryIO, it must be started externally.

Delete Database

This action is used to delete the selected database if it is not used by Hadoop SQL module.

Database Migration

Using database migration, you can migrate your existing database to a different database.

Use following guidelines to perform database migration.

NOTE: Destination database can not contain tables that are already present in source database.

Export Schema

Select this action to export schema of selected database.


Click Download DDL Script to download the schema of database to local machine.

Configure Namespace

Use this option to change the namespace to be linked with selected database.

Click Change to select another namespace.

Migration Statistics

This section consists of statistical data about database migration processes. You can check the status database migrations.

Following migration details are displayed:

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