Big Data Migration: Import/Export

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This chapter explains how to transfer big data between QueryIO server and other data sources.

What is Big Data Migration

Data migration is the process of transferring big data between storage types, formats, or computer systems. Data migration is usually performed programmatically to achieve an automated migration, freeing up human resources from tedious tasks. To achieve an effective data migration procedure, data on the old system is mapped to the new system providing a design for data extraction and data loading.

QueryIO provides data migration services from and to different data stores. It provides two services:

Currently QueryIO supports Amazon S3 cloud server and File Transfer Protocol(FTP), HDFS, POP/IMAP, HTTP/HTTPS, SSH, SFTP and also supports import from local system.


Data Migration Details

All import and export operations added are displayed in a tabular form. Various attributes of table are:

Data Import

To use data produced by system. The ability to import data is very important in software applications because it means that one application can complement another.

Currently QueryIO supports following data stores from which data can be imported:

To import a data from other source, click on Import button on Data Migration page.

Data Stores

Data Export

To transfer data from our system to other data store and enabling the two stores to share the same data.

Currently QueryIO supports following data stores to which data can be exported:

To export a data to other source, click on Export button on Data Migration page.

Restart/Stop/Delete Operation

Select the check box against the import/export operation and click on Stop button to perform respective operations. You can stop an import/export operation any time. You can also restart operation using Restart button.

If you want to clear an entry from the table, select the check box and click Clear Data button.

You can change the number of entries viewed at a time from 10 to 100.
You can navigate through migration operation details using page numbers at the bottom of the details table.

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